We aim to continue to provide the most accurate and quality subbed content in a more convenient and organized place for BLINKs. With that goal in mind, BPS has decided to gather funds for the following uses and reasons:

  • To keep our domain and maintain a clean, easy-to-access, ad-free website for BLINKs
  • To upgrade our Google Drive account for a more secured hosting and better storage of our videos
  • Use for typesetting fonts and other subbing programs.

As BPS is a nonprofit organization aiming to be as transparent as possible, we will be revealing the total amount of donations as well as a donors list.

Thank you to our generous donors

  • Thomas
  • Hom
  • Kevin
  • El
  • Vinh
  • Leslie
  • Pauline Ra
  • B
  • PetWasteCo
as of February 9, 2018