180618 KBS Cool FM AKMU Suhyun’s Volume Up

Translation (100%)
Timing (100%)
Typesetting (100%)
Quality Check (100%)

180619 MBC FM4U Ji Sukjin 2 O’Clock Date

Translation (20%)
Timing (10%)
Typesetting (0%)
Quality Check (0%)

180621 SBS Power FM Lee Guk Joo’s Youngstreet

Translation (100%)
Timing (100%)
Typesetting (100%)
Quality Check (100%)

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Date Aired Title Raw
170823 tvN Wednesday Food Talk (Jisoo) Link
170514 My Little Television Livestream (2 PARTS) Link
170707 SBS Power FM Bae Sung Jae’s Ten – Lisa, Rosé Link
170717 KBS Cool FM Park Myungsoo’s Radio Show Link
170928 Mezamashi TV Link
170828 Mezamashi TV Link
171127/1217 Temporary Idol – Jisoo Cameo Link
170726 Instagram Live Link
170628 Starry Night Radio: Waiting Room Game – Lisa Link
160808 BLACKPINK debut showcase Link
180204 JinJiDo Inkigayo Farewell Link
170514 BLACKPINK- My Little Television Livestream Link
180228 [KRUNK INSIDE] with BLACKPINK Lisa Link
170714 AttractionTV (Lisa) Link
170711 BLACKPINK Music Video Commentary – As If It’s Your Last (Pops in Seoul) Link
171000 BLACKPINK Broadcast and Interview of BlackPink Girls on Japanese TV Link
180802 Lisa’s Interview for Real Men Link